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New site vs legacy site
What's the difference between the new site and
What's the difference between the new site and

Is there an advantage? Should we switch to using the new site?

Updated over a week ago

Our extension used to be available only on our website However, in 2022 we built a brand new site. We still maintain our legacy website, but going forward we're shifting our entire focus to the new one.

These are the main advantages of the new site:

  • It has more powerful features and better performance.

  • It's much easier to use.

  • Supports the new OAuth integration with Airtable. It doesn't require manual syncing.

Unfortunately, there is no such plan yet for the new site to support integrating multiple Airtable accounts. The ideal setup is to create an admin Airtable account for your organization. This account should have access to all Airtable in your base.


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