Here are the answers to the most common questions:

What has changed in the app?

In order to add some new features and provide a better user experience, we rebuilt our app from the ground up.

How to access my existing extensions?

You probably noticed that your old extensions are not showing on the homepage anymore. Don’t worry, you can still access them by clicking on old extensions at the bottom.

Can I migrate my old extensions to the new app?

No, but you can recreate your extensions manually in the new app.

Are my extensions still working? Do I need to rebuild them from scratch?

Rest assured that all your existing extensions are still working. Only the location of their settings has changed. You don’t need to rebuild them (except if you want to use the new features).

What are the new features in the new app?

  • A new option to add a login screen to your form.

  • Advanced conditional fields.

  • Find the full list here.


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