Some miniExtensions plans have a limit on the total unique Airtable records updated with extensions per month, per workspace.

You can see if your workspace is limited or unlimited by going to the Settings Page.

If you are on a limited workspace, there are two independent limits:

  1. Forms & Portals:

    1. Total unique records updated per month.

    2. Total records created per month. If you do not see a limit for record creation on the Settings Page, then your plan has unlimited record creation.

  2. Bulk Processor Extensions:

    1. Total unique records processed per month.


Do records created/updated on forms & portals by the extension owner or collaborators count toward the limit?

No, if you are testing your form/portal while logged in (you see the Edit Extension button), your actions will not be counted in the calculation.

Are records created/edited in child forms (linked records) included in this limit?


If a record is updated multiple times during the month, does it count multiple times?

No, the number is calculated based on the total unique Airtable records that were updated. If the same Airtable record is updated multiple times in the same month, it only gets counted once.


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