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How will the deprecation of Airtable API keys affect me?
How will the deprecation of Airtable API keys affect me?

I received an email that Airtable API will stop working on February 2024.

Updated over a week ago

Depending on where your extensions are located and weather you've already taken any action.

1. New site

Extensions located under should already be running using the new OAuth integration with Airtable. We transitioned to the new integration in January 2023. A notice is shown in your dashboard with the migration instructions if you are not using the new integration already (very unlikely).

Note: OAuth integration only supports linking one Airtable account to your miniExtensions account. It's not possible to connect multiple Airtable accounts.

2. Legacy site

Extensions that are running under are affected if you have not yet updated your API keys with Personal Access Tokens.

If your extensions are still using the legacy Airtable API key, you need to replace your keys. They have stopped working since the new change has already gone into effect.


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