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[Archived] How to resync my base and how often do I need to do it?
[Archived] How to resync my base and how often do I need to do it?

I added new fields in Airtable, but I am not seeing them on my form. They are not showing up in the fields list.

Updated over a week ago

You need to sync your base every time you make changes to a field/view/table. When you're using our Marketplace extension, the syncing happens automatically if you keep the sidebar open. Just make sure not to close it inside Airtable to always keep the connection in sync.


You only need to install the sync app once. You don't need to install it multiple times within the same base. Only one app is needed to connect between an Airtable base and miniExtensions, regardless of how many extensions are being used. If you already have the Sync App installed more than once, you can safely delete the extra apps and keep only 1. This won't have any effects on the miniExtensions connection.

Common Error: Could not load data because the following field does not have all the required schema values: Try re-syncing your base.
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