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What are the differences between the form and the portal extensions?
How to force the newly created portal user to update the pin before logging in?
I'm trying to build a portal for my employees. I don't want our team to see all the details.
How to have some people add data to a table while others just view a table?
How to create a purchase order form?
How to allow users to replace an attachment after submitting a form?
I need user changes to be approved before they are released. How to moderate changes before they go live?
How to have a unique form for each person to be pre-filled with their name?
I don't want my customers to have to log in and deal with a username/password, just send them a unique link and it takes them to a page.
How to create an inventory check-in system using miniExtensions Form and Airtable?
What's the best extension for editing records?
How to identify the person who submitted the form?
How to restrict users to only see their records?
How to create a form where some answers go to one table and the others go to another table in the same base?
How can I provide a link to only a single record?
How can users re-edit their previous form submissions and update their existing Airtable content?
We want our vendors to be able to see and update their information that we have in Airtable. Do you have an extension for that?
I want to create PDFs using my Airtable records.
Any extension that can reduce image size?
My table has a field for users that is 'lookup', not a linked record.
Which extension to use to give someone access to a certain table?
Which extension can be used as an email capture tool?
Can an extension remove the Airtable logo from a shared view?
What extension is best for creating a community platform?
How to limit the Portal based on logged-in user?
How to embed my form inside Airtable?
How to create a simple voting system?
How to show the percent fields as progress bar in the form?
How to limit users to edit only the records that they created?
How to use a template for creating records?
How to know if you need a form or portal?
How to allow portal users to link themselves to a record they selected?
How to copy an address from another field?
How can I determine which records have been generated by a particular form?
Is it possible to remove "View Larger Version" from Airtable shared view?
Tutorial: How to save a form and submit it later?
Tutorial: How to create a map and pin locations based on Airtable records?

How to force update changes in Airtable base structure in miniExtensions?
How is miniExtensions affected by the recent announcements by Airtable regarding the attachment field?
The extension is not loading within Airtable.
Error "Field name(s) changed."
How to undo the changes made in the extension setting page?
How to easily find the field in Airtable with incorrect permission?
Error "This site can't be reached" or "Safari Can't Connect to the Server"
Error "The email address is badly formatted."
I forgot my password. How to reset it?
Error "Ambiguous field name"
Can I run an Airtable script using a button in miniExtensions?
Error "Logged-in user does not have access to the requested workspace."
403 - {"error":{"type":"INVALID_PERMISSIONS","message":"Invalid permissions"}}
Error "Unexpectedly found a non-primitive value for field type button."
Error "Missing some data. Please fill in all required information."
How to delete my account?
How to enable the equivalent to "Allow this field to be set in records created through forms"
We run Airtable Enterprise. When I install miniExtensions it claims it’s blocked by my organization?
How to rearrange the order of the fields?
Error "The email address is already in use by another account."
How to change the email address used to log in to my account?
I signed up with Google Sign in. How to change my login to use a username/password instead?
Can I recover an extension that was accidentally deleted?
Error "Request failed with status code 500"
Error "Could not find what you are looking for"
What does it mean that an extension is "no longer maintained"?
Extensions are not loading
Error "Unexpected end of JSON input"