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How to set a customized layout & fields for each custom view?
How to set a customized layout & fields for each custom view?
Updated over a week ago

In our portal, you have the option to choose from various layout types including List, Gallery, Kanban, Chart, Calendar, or Map. This allows you to customize how the records are displayed in the portal. For additional information, please refer to our article here: How to select the layout of the record in the portal?

This layout is applied to all the Custom Views you have set in the portal. You have an option to customize the layout for each custom view and choose which fields to display on each.

By clicking on the Custom Views Section and choosing the preferred view to customize, you can navigate down to locate the toggle option: Set different layout for this custom view.

After you activate this toggle, most of the fields in the Layout section will become available in the Custom View settings, giving you the ability to personalize the layout to your preferences, and even select the set of fields you want to show in the record's preview.

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