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How to select the layout of the record in the portal?
How to select the layout of the record in the portal?

I want to show records in a gallery, list, grid, calendar, chart, or kanban view. I want to choose the layout for the portal.

Updated over a week ago

Grid view is now the default representation for the records in a portal. To show the records in another way, go to:

  1. Portal Tables

  2. Click on the linked records field where you want to show the records as a list

  3. Go to the Views section

  4. Set Layout to either List, Gallery, Kanban, Chart, or Calendar.

At the moment, the Chart view only accepts number and formula field for Y axis.


By default, the mobile view for the portal displays the List layout instead of the Grid, even if you have selected Grid as the preferred layout for a better viewing experience on mobile devices. However, if you still prefer to show the Grid layout, you can change this setting by accessing the portal's settings.

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