How to prefill miniExtensions Form?
How to prefill multiple fields in a form?
Updated over a week ago

The prefill feature in miniExtensions form works in the same way that Airtable Form does. For example, you would have to repeat the word ‘prefill’ in every parameter. If you're having trouble, try the syntax in an Airtable Form and see if it works.

⚠️ We can't help with troubleshooting prefilling issues that are not caused by miniExtensions. If you’re having a problem prefilling miniExtensions form, you should try testing with an Airtable Form first to make sure it’s not an issue in miniExtensions. Because most likely the issue is within the URL itself. If you're able to reproduce the issue, please share a URL where the field is being prefilled in Airtable Form, but not in miniExtensions, and our team will look into it.

If you need to figure out the proper way to prefill, there are many experts in the Airtable forum that might be able to help. We would be able to help you with anything that's related to miniExtensions setup.


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