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Advanced Form for Airtable

Create & Update Records.

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How to show the full text of a linked records or a selection field?When the linked records or selection field has a long text, the value is trimmed in the display.
Can I have the same form show a different set of fields when editing records vs creating?I want a field to be in the editing form but hidden when creating. And make its title show differently depending on the creating vs editing.
How to make a form that pulls fields from multiple tables?
Do the form users need to have editing access in Airtable?
Can I track who made the edits in the record's history?Edits made through miniExtensions show up as "You edited via API." Can I get a more accurate history in the record "activity"?
I need the "submitter" field to be auto-filled for the person that I send the form to.Do I need a new form for each person like with Airtable's forms or is there a different flow for miniExtensions?
How to configure a field to provide automatic address suggestions?My users input wrong syntax because it is long text. I would love to auto-populate the address which shows address as you type it
How can my clients look up their records using the form?I want a simple way for our team to update records. I want them to look up the contact by Client Name and then add/update fields.
How to fill out fields from multiple tables within one form?
How to set up a form to edit records?I want to email each user a personalized link. When they click on it, the form is automatically attached to the entry related to the user.
How do you use the form to work with Calendly?I can't find the calendar integration on the form. Is a specific field necessary to be included for that setting to show?
Where can I find my form URL?
How to add a consent checkbox on the form?Users who have not clicked on the checkbox should not be able to submit the form.
How to add fields in form based on an Airtable view?I have already filtered the necessary fields in an Airtable view. Can I use that Airtable view when building my form?