Advanced Form for Airtable
Create & Update Records.
Why some Airtable users are missing in the dropdown form user field?
Linked Records Field
How to limit records selections in the linked record finder?
How can I use existing form extension as a child form?
How many detail fields can I show in the linked records field?
How to show the linked records field as a calendar instead of a list?
How to search existing records in a linked records field?
How to prevent users from being able to remove linked records?
How to choose the thumbnail for the linked records field?
How to limit the number of records in the linked records field?
How do I make my child form read-only?
What are the limitations of the conditional filter?
How to display a title other than the primary field for linked records?
How to add data to different tables using one form?
How to add quantity to line items?
The linked records field is not "prefilled" in the child form, why?
How to customize the button for creating linked records?
How to limit the linked records field selection to only one record?
How to prefill child forms?
The linked records field is only showing the first 100 records in the dropdown?
How to search for linked records using a non-primary field in the Record Finder?
When do line items get linked if compute mode is enabled?
Stripe Integration
How to enable Stripe integration in the form?
Stripe Error "The value for payment price is not a valid number '0'"
Can I capture the full billing address when processing payment with Stripe Checkout?
How to create a form that can take the amount the client owes and then process it through Stripe?
Can the form from within a portal use Stripe so they don’t need to re-enter their email address?
How to set up a Stripe payment form with a pre-defined product and quantity?
How to support multiple items at Stripe Checkout with the order's total amount?
Product quantity is not filled in Stripe Checkout page, why?
We are getting an error log on Stripe “no payment method selected” after people get redirected to the payment page.
Does Stripe integration support recurring payments?
Does Stripe integration store cc info for easier payment in the future?
Error "The value provided for quantity is not valid. Quantity must be a number without any text."
I'm getting an error that the email field is invalid before loading the Stripe Checkout page.
Advanced Features
How to force email fields to only accept lowercase text?
How to ensure that only humans can submit the form?
How to prevent records with duplicate values on the form?
How to add a description for a section in the form?
How to allow the field to submit only if certain conditions are met?
How to add a custom footer to my form?
How to set a default value on a field?
How to change the width of the form?
How to password-protect my form or portal?
How to set a default value for a field?
How can I disable/enable creating or editing records on the form?
How does the add-only mode work?
How to disable editing a form conditionally?
How to show "Comments History" as you do in your example?
How to change a checkbox field to a toggle switch?
How to enable Comments in miniExtensions Form & Portal?
How to hide/display the delete button conditionally?
How to customize the message shown when a form is disabled?
How to mask the field's input as a password?
How to add an image on the form?
How to customize the label of the form's save button?
How to set characters limit on field's input?
How to add a section header in the form?
How to set a field as required?
My unique URLs per record are not working. I see the same record in my form even when I click on different unique URLs.
Where can I find my form URL?
Error "Unable to open popup"
Why does a required field allow blank value during form submission?
I added a field to my form, but it's not showing up.
How to prefill linked records fields with multiple values?
The connection between the two table is missing when creating a record for the linked records field.
"Insufficient permissions to create new select option"
Error "Invalid conditional fields"
How to set a custom title for form fields?
How to use the form to edit non-synced fields in a synced table?
How to add a consent checkbox on the form?
Error: "Could not find a record that matches the provided record ID"
Can I create a multi-step form? Or group questions together under sections?
A field on my form is not showing the existing attachments. Why?
Can I set some fields to not be editable after the first submission, but still visible in the "update" form?