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How to use my custom domain for the form or portal?
How to use my custom domain for the form or portal?

How to customize the extension URL?

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This feature is only available for the Pro and Business plans.

To set this up, you need to complete all steps below:

  1. Decide on a subdomain to use (e.g. Naked domains (e.g. are not supported.

  2. Add DNS record. Your subdomain needs to point to the information below. Your domain registrar (where you have registered your domain) should have instructions on how to set this up, since this is a setting you will need to make on their platform.

  3. Go to Workspace Settings and select the correct workspace on the left

  4. Locate the Custom Domain section

  5. Turn on I applied the DNS settings explained in the help article already toggle.

  6. Enter your Custom domain (should not include http, www or other prefix, see supported domains below)

  7. Once you've completed the steps above, reach out to our support through the chat icon in the bottom right corner.

  8. Our team will connect your custom domain to our servers.

  9. Once these steps are done, the updates will take effect within a few hours.

  10. To test if the custom domain is already working, you need to:

    1. Copy the link of your form or portal.

    2. Replace the "" with your custom domain (eg.

    3. Load the new URL in your web browser.

DNS Record Details



Name (or hostname)

Your subdomain:

Value (or target, content, data)


Leave it as the default

Supported Domains

This feature only supports subdomains (e.g. It doesn't support naked domains (e.g.

Supported Plans

It’s only possible to set up a custom domain on a Pro or Business plan.

Supported Extensions

This feature only affects the customer-facing interfaces like form and portal. The extensions setting page will still be using

Will the existing URLs of my forms and portals be affected?

No, the old URLs will still be functional.

Can I set different domains for different forms/portals within the same workspace?

No. You can configure only one custom domain per workspace. If you need to set up multiple custom domains, you would need to create additional miniExtensions workspaces, each with its own custom domain configuration.

Captcha is getting an error. Is this not supported in the custom domain?

This is compatible with the custom domain. If you require this feature, please contact us, and we will enable it for you.


You can also embed the extension on your site as an alternative.


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