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Form, Portal & View Editor settings
Form, Portal & View Editor settings
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What are the differences between the form and the portal extensions?I want my users to log in and see every record that they had submitted.

How does the login feature work for the form and portal?
How to allow portal users to sign up?I need them to be able to create new records on Airtable (entering themselves as new contacts) and set up their own login profiles.
How to allow users to log in by 'selecting' a record instead of typing its info?
How to track which employee filled out the form?If they login on their device, will it save or will they have to sign in every time?
How to limit who can access the portal or the form?Someone no longer works for us and we want to remove them so they don't have access anymore.
How to allow portal users to reset their passwords?I want to set up a 'forgot my password' feature.
How to set a custom error message when a record does not exist during login?
How to allow users to update their records?I want them to access their already submitted forms and edit their profiles if they already exist.
How to let portal/form users log in without a password?I want to send a verification code to access the record.
How to hide the login info on the screen?I don't want users to see their typed passwords.
How to look up barcodes & QR codes on the login page?
How to share a magic link with the customer that will preload their form/portal without having to log in?How to pass the “login details” programmatically? How to prefill the fields on the login page?
How can the portal be accessed without a password?
Can I lookup Barcodes & QR codes using an attachments field?Lookup Records with Barcode/QR Code Scanner
How to use the rollup field as a login field?The values I need for login are coming from a rollup field in my table.
I want to embed a form in my portal but the form requires login.The form that I want to embed has login enabled so each user can only update specific record using the form.