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How to allow portal users to sign up?
How to allow portal users to sign up?

I need them to be able to create new records on Airtable (entering themselves as new contacts) and set up their own login profiles.

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There are different ways to let your users create a new account:

1. Login page auto-checking (recommended)

Both the form and portal allow you to have a login page. Which could also enable new signups. Go to:

  1. Table settings

  2. Add a login screen to your form or Require users to log in to use portal

  3. If record does not exist

  4. Create a new record for the user

This option allows users to create new profiles to sign up if they don't exist already.

2. Link on the login page

You can add a link for the user registration form to the portal's login page. You can set this up in Login Page Subtitle. Here's an example:

3. Link in an email

You can also email users a link that takes them directly to the registration form. You would need to set up one first.


The login info is not stored in the extension itself. They are records in Airtable. The login fields would be columns in your users' table.


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