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How to allow users to filter records in the portal?
How to allow users to filter records in the portal?
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Allowing users to filter the records in the portal on their own gives them the ability to easily navigate through their records in their portal especially if there are lots of them. To set this up, you need to go to:

  1. Portal Tables

  2. Click on the linked records field where you want to set up the filter.

  3. Go to the Layout section.

  4. Client-side Filters

  5. Turn on Allow users to filter records.

  6. Click Add field button and choose the field.

You can add many fields that your users can use in their filters but if no fields are added, it shows all the fields. This toggle is turned on upon creation of the portal. On the portal, the filter button will become available.


The dropdown filter option is available for single and multi-selection fields, while the input field for the filter changes based on the field type you are using for filtering.

On the legacy site

You have 2 options to add filters to your view:

1. You can allow users to select some preset views by adding them to your settings under Airtable account > Filtering and Sorting.

💡The views you select in the extension settings are not to define which fields to be shown, they are to select which filters and sorting order should be applied to the view.

2. You can also enable the ‘Advanced Filter’ option under View Records > Advanced Filters. It allows users to apply custom filters to the view.


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