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How to set field permissions in the portal and show different views depending on the user?
How to set field permissions in the portal and show different views depending on the user?

I need to grant some logged-in users edit access only to specific fields they belong to based on their roles.

Updated over a week ago

Client portals -by default- display different records based on the logged-in user. But sometimes you may need to show different fields depending on the logged-in user. For example, make a grid column visible exclusively to a specific user type (e.g. admin). Our portal extension doesn't have that ability out of the box. However, it's possible to give a group of people different access levels using one of these workarounds:

1. Profile Form

You can set field-level permissions to different groups of users within the same portal. If you are trying to assign some fields only to admin roles, you will need to add those fields to the 'Profile Form'. In there, set the field(s) to only show under a certain condition (e.g. role = admin).

This will display a field conditionally. Here are the steps:

  1. Activate User Profile.

  2. Access the child form setup for the User Profile.

  3. Locate the linked records field and enable expanding or editing. Or just click the "Add Form" button.

  4. Configure the layout as a Grid and personalize the columns for the specific user type you want to have visibility.

  5. Set a Conditional Field rule to ensure that users of other types cannot view this linked record field.

  6. Finally, adjust the form width to be either very wide or full screen, bearing in mind that this will impact child forms of the portal tables.

2. Different Portals

Normally you wouldn't need to create a separate portal for each client unless those clients are considered different user types who require different permission levels. E.g. students vs teachers. In that case, you can create multiple portals. One for each type of user or each team. This will allow people to see/edit only certain fields based on their privileges. Each portal would have its own separate settings.


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