How does the profile feature work in the portal?

I want to enable my clients to change their login pins. I want to show the logged-in user in the header.

Updated over a week ago

This feature allows the logged-in user to access their own record from the users' table.

Allow portal users to update their own profiles

Turn on the Show user profiles toggle under the Portal Header section. By doing so, a child form for the user table becomes available for you to set it up. It allows the users to access and update their own records.


You can show the logged-in user name (or any other value from the User's table) on the portal header. To set this up, you need to go to:

  1. Portal Header

  2. Turn on Show Portal Header toggle

  3. Turn on Show logged in profile toggle

  4. Choose Airtable field for Portal Header Profile Title (Optional)

Upon creation of the portal, the default Airtable field selected for this option is the primary field of the user table. If there is no Airtable field selected or there is no value from the Airtable field, a user profile icon will show up instead (besides the logout button).


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