How does the CSV importer work?

Will it override my data every time a CSV is imported?

Updated over a week ago
  1. If the record exists in the CSV AND Airtable, the record would get updated in Airtable (overwritten entirely not just the updated fields).

  2. If the record exists in the CSV, but NOT in Airtable, a new record would get created.

  3. If the record does NOT exist in the CSV but exists in Airtable, the record would remain in Airtable. It won't get deleted.

⚠️ Note

  • The CSV Tracker ID Field cannot be the same as the Unique ID field.

  • The CSV Tracker ID Field has to be a single-line text.

Please carefully watch the instructional video. It guides you step-by-step on how to set up this extension. Also, please read the notes on the settings page. This extension has to be set up exactly like described.

Please note that this extension is no longer maintained. We will not able to troubleshoot any issues.

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