How to rename attachments in Airtable?
Updated over a week ago

You can rename attachments in bulk without downloading them by using this extension. Inside your miniExtensions workspace, you can create Rename Attachments with Airtable formulas extension.

How to set this extension?

  1. The first step is choosing the table in which the attachments to be renamed are included.

  2. Then select the field that contains the attachments that you want to rename (Note: Only attachment fields can be selected).

  3. Last, proceed to choose the field containing the desired name for the attachment (You can opt for any formula, long text, rich text, or single text field type).

When selecting Prefix field to attachement name option, the value contained in the Airtable field (2nd step) will be appended as a prefix to the existing name of the attachment.


You can also choose to insert a prefix to your existing file name in the attachment. You can turn on this toggle.

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