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How to run an extension in Airtable Automations?
How to run an extension in Airtable Automations?

I need to run it automatically on a schedule or when a new record is created.

Updated over a week ago

You can trigger an extension from within Airtable by running the script in the scripting app in your base. Here are the steps:

  1. Follow this tutorial to create automation:

  2. For the last part of adding an action, you'll want to choose running a script and then paste the script. You can find the script by going to:

    1. Process in Bulk

    2. Advanced

    3. Run inside Airtable.

⚠️ We encourage you to watch the video after you click on Run inside Airtable where we explain more about this.

Please note that only some extensions can be triggered with Airtable automation. E.g. bulk processor extensions like compress images (aka extensions that run in the cloud).

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