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Error "Request failed with status code 500"
Error "Request failed with status code 500"

"500 Internal Server Error: The server encountered an unexpected condition."

Updated over a week ago

If you're getting any 5xx error code, it means that Airtable is experiencing downtime at the moment. Unfortunately, we have no control over this. Check out this page to track the issue status

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Here are some other potential Airtable errors you might see:

500 Internal Server Error

The server encountered an unexpected condition.

502 Bad Gateway

Airtable's servers are restarting or an unexpected outage is in progress.

503 Service Unavailable

The server could not process your request in time. The server could be temporarily unavailable, or it could have timed out processing your request.

Other error messages you may get sometimes:

  • 503 - undefined

  • <html><title>Error 500 (Internal Server Error)!</title></html>

  • The string did not match the expected pattern.

  • The service is temporarily unavailable. Please retry shortly.

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