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How to allow portal users to link themselves to a record they selected?
How to allow portal users to link themselves to a record they selected?

I want attendees to browse the listed options and sign up for an event they choose with one click.

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In this tutorial, we will create a portal to show a list of events in a gallery view which users can choose from to sign up for an event.

Use Cases

This tutorial could also apply to the following scenarios.

  • Employees assign tasks to themselves.

  • Contractors claiming listed jobs.

  • Attendees sign up for events, workshops, shows, activities, etc.

  • Students register for classes.

  • Patients booking available appointments.

  • Customers adding products to their accounts.

Airtable Setup

To start, we need to have 2 tables in our base:

  1. Event - The table that contains the list of events that users can sign up for.

  2. User - The table where the list of users that can log in to the portal is saved

These two tables must be connected using a linked records field.



Client Portal Setup

In the portal, use the User table as the user table.

You must have the Event table as a portal table.

In this tutorial, we disable creating records in the Event table. Only the admin should be able to add a record in the event table.

This is the setup of the child form for the event.

Form Header and Footer

Form Fields

Linking Users to Records

Here is the necessary setup to auto-link the event to the user table.

Set participants limit (optional)

Additionally, you can add a limit on the number of participants. In this tutorial, only 30 participants are allowed.

We need to create 2 custom views:

1) To show the list of events that the user has already signed up with

2) To show the list of all events


When we open the portal, there are no records yet. in the first custom view.

Going to the second custom view, it shows all the events

Clicking an event will show more details. The submit button will serve as a sign me up feature.

Allow users to cancel their registration (optional)

Learn more about how to enable unlinking in this article.


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