This feature is not supported out of the box. However, here are some ideas that might help:

1. Multi Forms

It is possible to set up multiple forms and then redirect the user after every form to the next form. Meaning, each step would be a form, and the user would be redirected after each form to the next form. Also, optionally, you can redirect users to different forms based on their answers in the previous form. Using the Airtable Field redirect option. E.g. based on answers in Form 1, skip Form 2 and go directly to form 3.

2. Section Header

You can separate different sections in the form by using the "Header" option.

3. Conditional Fields

Also, you can make some fields hidden by default and only make them show up when the user finishes the previous step. Using the Conditional Visibility feature. E.g. only show the next field when the previous one is filled.


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