There are a few possible reasons:

1. Filtered View (most common)

The records could be filtered out because of the selected view settings. Have you selected a "view" filter to be applied to your users in your portal settings?

If you did not mean to limit your portal users only to certain records, please remove the view from your portal settings, OR keep it and change the view filter settings in Airtable (if you would like to only control the records sorting order).

💡 It's common that an employee has changed the view filters in Airtable by mistake.

2. Records created in Airtable

If you're creating new records in Airtable, and they're not displaying in the portal, make sure that they are being linked to the portal user. Meaning, the linked records field has to be filled with the user value. This part is the core of how our portal works. The portal extension is only meant for showing records that are associated with the user. If you would like to see all the records, then you would use another extension: The view editor.

3. Looking at the wrong field

Sometimes users have multiple fields with similar names. You might be selecting a linked records field in the portal settings and checking a different field in Airtable.

4. Should use Search Page instead of Portal

Sometimes users get confused between the two extensions because of their similarities. In case you're trying to look up records that are not linked to another table, then you should use our Search Page extension instead.

5. miniExtensions Portal limit

This is very rare, but the portal has a limit of showing only 1,500 records per user. These are records that are linked to the user in their personal view. Possible error messages are:

The string did not match the expected pattern


Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0

Alternatively, the grid view extension can include any number of records. It has no limits.


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