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The portal is missing some (or all) records. "no records found"
The portal is missing some (or all) records. "no records found"

Users are reporting that some of their records are missing or none are showing at all.

Updated over a week ago

There are a few possible reasons:

1. Filtered View (most common)

The records could be filtered out because of the filter settings. Have you set a filter to be applied to your users in your portal settings? If you did not mean to limit your portal users to only certain records, remove the filter from your portal settings, OR adjust its settings.

💡 It's common for an employee to change the filter configurations by mistake if it's not locked.

2. Records created in Airtable

If you're creating new records in Airtable, and they're not displaying in the portal, make sure that they are being linked to the portal user. Meaning, the linked records field has to be filled with the user value. This part is the core of how our portal works. The portal extension is meant to show records that are associated with the user.

3. Duplicate user record

You probably have two records in the user table that match the value you entered during login. The portal shows the connected record in the first found user record and in this case, most likely the expected record to show up in the portal is in the second user record. You can do one of the following to make this work:

  • Use a different login field that can be used in login that is unique for each record in the login.

  • Add a second login field that can trim down the record since the first login field is not unique.

  • Delete the duplicate record.

4. Looking at the wrong field

Sometimes users have multiple fields with similar names. You might be selecting a linked records field in the portal settings and checking a different field in Airtable.

5. Should enable 'Show all records' option

In case you're trying to see all records in a given table regardless of whether they're linked to a specific user or not, then you should enable this option.


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