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How to duplicate an extension?
How to duplicate an extension?

I want to duplicate and edit an existing extension in my dashboard.

Updated over a week ago

Extensions can be set up multiple times within the same table. You can duplicate an extension by clicking on the "Options" button next to the extension name.

Creating multiple copies of an extension can provide greater flexibility and customization. You can adjust the configuration of each copy to meet their specific needs, rather than being limited to a single configuration. Replicate extensions to save time and increase efficiency.


This feature is great for testing different settings. It can help to identify the optimal configuration for a particular use case and minimize the risk of issues in production.

⚠️ Note

This feature is only available in some plans. You might need to upgrade to unlock it. E.g. in the Starter plan, the workspace does not support having more than one copy of the same extension type.


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