If you're missing some old forms, they won't show up in our new extension inside Airtable but your existing extensions can still be accessed on our legacy website.

There are 2 places where your forms could exist:

1. On our new site

The dashboard on web.miniExtensions.com or our extension on Airtable marketplace.

2. On our legacy website

The dashboard on app.miniExtensions.com

To find a "lost" extension on our legacy website, follow these steps:

  1. On the dashboard, click the search icon.

  2. A popup window will appear showing all of your extensions.

  3. You can click on the All Extensions dropdown to filter out the extension type or you can simply search it by name.

⚠️ Note

One possible reason why your extensions are missing is that you logged in to the wrong account (if you have multiple miniExtensions accounts). Make sure that you're using the right account.


Deleting our extension from your base in Airtable has no effect on your existing miniExtensions. The data is saved on our backend. You should be able to see all the extensions after reinstalling the extension on Airtable and logging in again.


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