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How to trigger a webhook after form submission?
How to trigger a webhook after form submission?

After I submit my form, I want to trigger a webhook but it requires a POST request.

Updated over a week ago

After a user submits a form or a child form, you can use a webhook to perform additional actions like Airtable Automation. To find this option, you need to go to:

  1. Form Settings

  2. Submission Actions section

  3. Turn on Trigger a webhook after save toggle

The record ID is automatically added as a URL parameter for the webhook request. You can set a static webhook URL or you can use Airtable field that contains the URL.

Webhook Request Type

The default request type is GET. You can change this to POST request by setting the Webhook request type in your form extension setting page.

Note: Airtable Automation can only be triggered by using POST request.

Conditions to Trigger Webhook

Conditional triggers can help reduce the number of unnecessary webhooks triggered, leading to more efficient webhook processing and reducing server load.


We recommend using this website to test your workflow first and make sure everything is working correctly before setting up your actual Webhooks.


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