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How to share Airtable access with miniExtensions support?
How to share Airtable access with miniExtensions support?
Updated over a week ago

Sometimes our engineers need to access the data in your base to use it as a reference while investigating the issue in greater detail. There are 2 ways to share your base with us.

1. Base invite link (highly recommended)

If you allow our engineering team to access your Airtable base as a collaborator temporarily, we can resolve the issue faster. (sometimes it's the only way)

Check out the Airtable article, focusing on the section invite by link. We recommend this sharing method, as it provides comprehensive details about your setup. Also, it's uncertain which specific engineer will address your bug report.

2. Share a view

Another method is to share a specific Airtable view.

This option is more limited and in some cases it doesn't provide enough data.

3. Provide the record ID

You can also opt to provide the record ID of the record where the issue is encountered. You can either use a formula field to show the record ID or open the record in Airtable and get it from the URL. In the URL, it starts with "rec". Here is an example:

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