You can allow users to update their records directly with miniExtensions form without needing to log in. You would need to add a formula to Airtable. It automatically generates a unique editing URL for every record in your table. You can choose to make only specific fields editable. You can email the generated links using Airtable Automations.

  1. Click Open Form

  2. Select Edit Records.

You can also find this option under Share Settings. Go to the 'Formula to Edit Records (For Automations)' section, and copy this formula to your Airtable field. A URL for each record will be generated.

⚠️The editing formula option is not accessible if you have the login feature enabled. Once disabled, you'll be able to see it.


You don't need a new form for each person like with Airtable's forms. The flow for miniExtensions is different. You need to send users an editing form. When a user accesses the form's main URL, they are only able to create new records. However, after adding the editing formula to your Airtable. It would generate a unique URL for each record. Which you can send as a personal URL to each user. That would allow them to click on a link to open their form and fill it out. And you can "lock" some fields so they are read-only.

In most cases, it doesn't make sense to prefill a form if you're updating an existing record. Prefilling mostly makes sense when creating a new record. When editing a record, the form will be prefilled automatically. Prefilling dynamic values is possible by using a formula in Airtable to add the prefill parameters. This part has to be done on Airtable, not in miniExtensions.

On the legacy site

You can find the formula at the bottom of the settings page. Also, here's a video that shows you step-by-step how to set this up.


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