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How does the login feature work for the form and portal?
How does the login feature work for the form and portal?
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This feature adds an extra step before the form or portal is accessed. The user would go to a login page to "look up" their own records. Each user then gets to see only their own data.

In Airtable you would need to have 2 tables. A Users Table that has the login credentials. And another one that contains the record entries by each user. Also, a linked records field that links the two tables.

⚠️ This feature allows your users to look up only their own records (without needing to create an account anywhere). What is required for login is the user information in Airtable. The user does not need a miniExtensions account.

Without the login page

The other way to share records with people is through Direct Links. In this method, you'd need to send each person a unique URL (unlike the login page which has the same single URL for all users). When someone clicks on it, they start editing the record. This process could be tricky if you need to send it to many people (this is ideal for automated emails). That’s why we built the login option.


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