If the extension stopped working -what seems to be- all of a sudden, there are a few possible reasons for this:

1. Base is missing from Airtable integration

Make sure that the Airtable integration includes the base that you are trying to access. You can learn how to update your Airtable integration in this article.

2. Invalid API Key

⚠️This point only applies to the legacy site app.miniextensions.com

  • Regenerated the key. You got an incorrect API key for your Airtable account. Maybe by mistake, you clicked on 'Re-generate API key' on your Airtable account page.

  • The user lost access. If the Airtable user that set up miniExtensions doesn't have access to the base anymore, the Airtable API key that was used to connect Airtable with miniExtensions will not be valid anymore. Therefore the connection between the two will become invalidated (unauthorized).

3. Read-only Access

  • Base level. Your Airtable account may have read-only access to the base (how?).

  • Table level permissions.

  • Field level. Some fields have restricted permissionsℹ️. Check the field configuration in Airtable. You need at least Editors and up (if you can't edit a record on Airtable, you won't be able to edit it on miniExtensions).

💡Tip: This might be the reason you encounter the error randomly/intermittently in the same form or child form. You have to find the field that has this restriction and adjust it accordingly.

4. Synced Table

You’re trying to set up the extension on a ‘Synced’ table to edit (read-only) fields.


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