1. Formula fields

Formula fields are supported in miniExtensions Form, but only when editing existing records, not when creating new ones. Doing live calculations inside the form is possible by enabling “Compute Mode” feature. You can find the option in the advanced section on the settings page:

Compute Mode

2. Button fields

Button fields in Airtable are in fact formulas. The only way to show them in the form is after a record is created in Airtable. Because of that, they can only be shown when a form is either editing a record or compute-mode is enabled.

In the portal, you see records that already exist in Airtable, therefore the buttons are shown there. The same is not true when’s form is being used and no record exists yet in Airtable.

You can find more information about this feature here: https://miniextensions.com/formula-fields-in-miniextensions-form/


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