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Linked Records Field

This field has the most advanced features in miniExtensions and it what makes Airtable powerful!

How to prevent users from being able to remove linked records?Records are showing as 'deletable'. We need to remove the little "X" that appears next to each linked record so they can't unselect them.
What are the limitations of the conditional filter?
The connection between the two table is missing when creating a record for the linked records field.In the child form, I added the linked records field connecting to main table as read-only for informational use.
How to display a title other than the primary field for linked records?The primary field is an autonumber. I want it to show a different value (something more readable).
How to show the linked records field as a calendar instead of a list?I want to limit the records selection to certain days. Users see available slots during a specific date range and make reservations.
How do I make my child form read-only?I want to allow users to view records in the child form, but not edit them.
How many Preview Fields can be shown on the linked records?
How to choose the thumbnail for the linked records field?
Can I use existing form extension as a child form?
How to limit the number of records in the linked records field?I want my form users to be able to link up to 5 records for the linked records field.
How to search existing records in a linked records field?
How to require users to review the linked records before submitting the form?
How to show only records with exact match in Record Finder?
How to add data to different tables using one form?How to add and edit linked records on the form? Where to find the line items option?
How to trigger webhook after child form submission?
How to add quantity to line items?
The linked records field is not "prefilled" in the child form, why?The linked field in the child form is empty. I can choose any parent record. I want child records to only link to their parents.
How to limit the linked records field selection to only one record?I'm not able to create another record. The "Create New" button does not show up.
How to customize the button for creating linked records?
How to prefill child forms?I want to prefill fields in the subform/nested form when I click on the + button to create a linked record.
The linked records field is only showing the first 100 records in the dropdown?Some records are missing even though they exist in Airtable.
How to search for linked records using a non-primary field in the Record Finder?I want to look up records by another field.
When do line items get linked if Save & Continue mode is enabled?Compute mode and linked records line items.
How to find the list of child forms for the linked records field?
Can I limit a linked records field's selection to a certain view?
How to filter the linked records field?I want to limit the linked field to only show records that are related to the logged-in user.
When I search for certain keywords in the linked records finder, nothing is showing.
How to select multiple record in the linked records field?
How to navigate through the nested child form?