How does Save and Continue work?

I want to require users to review their answers before submission. I need to minimize mistakes and human errors.

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The Save & Continue feature, previously referred to as Compute Mode, enables users to preserve their form progress, safeguarding against data loss when they wish to pause during the form-filling process. This is particularly useful for lengthy forms with numerous fields. Should you need to compel users to review and confirm their entries, allowing them to re-edit fields before final submission, this feature provides the necessary functionality. You can find this setting under Save & Continue section.

You have the option to either trigger compute mode manually or set it to work automatically. This works well will the multi-page setup.

When the form is saved, it automatically initiates the creation or update of the record in Airtable. This won't compel users to adhere to the field validations and mandatory input requirements. To determine if the submission is finalized, you have the option to utilize a checkbox as its indicator.

Additionally, if you enable it, you will be able to show formulas in the form before the records get submitted. Users would need to click "Save & Continue" first, see a formula or message, and then they would be allowed to click "Submit" to confirm the submission.


Auto-compute does not work if there are changes in the linked records field.


If you would like to prevent users from being able to submit the form if their record is invalid, you can do so by using a feature called Disable Form.

⚠️ Note

Required fields and field validations do not stop save and continue from proceeding and are bypassed when clicking the "Save & Continue" button.


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