If you would like to avoid having your website users log in twice, then you can embed our extension and use it as a dynamic view generator. If you know how to pass the UserID to your website, you can use our Users Table Formula. The implementation requires passing the “login” parameters in the extension URL.

💡Field names

Encoding the space character in the field name usually causes issues. We recommend removing spaces from the field name (or any special characters).

Script Example

Here's an example of how the final script should look:

<div id="miniextensions-iframe-embed-5vUbTqlzvuY2PEhDBRqY"></div><script src="https://api.miniextensions.com/v1/iframe-embed/5vUbTqlzvuY2PEhDBRqY.js?absoluteShareUrl=https%3A%2F%2Fapp.miniextensions.com%2Fuser-portal-grid%2F5vUbTqlzvuY2PEhDBRqY%2Fresult%3Fquery%3D%257B%2522Name%2522%253A%2522box%2522%252C%2522Pin%2522%253A%25221234%2522%257D"></script>

In this example, the login fields are "Name" and "Pin". And their values are "box" and "1234".

⚠️ Note

This is an advanced feature. The portal does not automatically integrate with your website. You might need a web developer to figure this out.

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