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How to take users to the results page without typing in search?
How to take users to the results page without typing in search?

I want to give my customer a link that redirects to their record(s) without needing to look it up manually.

Updated this week

You have the option to apply a filter in the portal by appending this format to the end of the portal URL: ?filter_<field name>=<value>

In this example, the portal will filter results based on the "Status" field. It's important to note that the Client-side filter needs to be enabled for this feature to function. When a filter is specified in the URL, the filter button will not be visible.

On the legacy site

There’s an option to add a formula that generates a unique URL for every record in your table. It can be used as a dynamic view generator for a group of records. Allowing users to skip the search page and go directly to their personal view automatically.

You can use this to generate a user-specific view automatically by passing the filters as URL parameters. Similar to this feature in Airtable:

But it's a bit different from how it works in Airtable. It limits the data before it's loaded (for privacy and security reasons). Data are not all loaded and then filtered.\


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