If you would like to (1) embed the portal in your website, AND (2) bypass the login, we don't provide an embedding code for this feature, because the code would need to be unique for every logged-in user. If you know how to pass the UserID on your website, then you can embed our extension on your website using just a standard iframe tag. You can use this standard format:
<iframe src="URL_HERE"></iframe>
Or you can use some website that allows you to generate an iframe code like this one: https://iframe-generators.com

Our portal can be used as a dynamic view generator that can be embedded inside your website. The implementation requires passing the “lookup” parameters in the extension URL.

You would need to know how to pass the login value (e.g. record ID) on your website. Here's an example:

⚠️ Note

This is an advanced feature. You might need a web developer to figure this out.

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