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Can I group records on the charts?I want my chart of Airtable records to have separate lines with different colors.
How to make Detect Dominant Color extension to work?

How to setup Stripe payments on miniExtensions Form?You can collect payments on the form!
Why is the Stripe Checkout page not loading?I get an error about some fields being required.
Stripe Error "The value for payment price is not a valid number '0'"Payment on my form is optional, but it would not advance to the checkout page.
Can I capture the full billing address when processing payment with Stripe Checkout?
How to create a form that can take the amount the client owes and then process it through Stripe?
How to set up a Stripe payment form with a pre-defined product and quantity?
How to support multiple items at Stripe Checkout with the order's total amount?It works for purchasing a single item, but I need a checkout form with an add-to-cart option.
Product quantity is not filled in Stripe Checkout page, why?All other info is properly displaying on Stripe.
We are getting an error log on Stripe “no payment method selected” after people get redirected to the payment page.Stripe error: The PaymentIntent requires a payment method.
Does Stripe integration support recurring payments?Does it support monthly subscriptions?
Does Stripe integration store cc info for easier payment in the future?The credit card information is only stored in Stripe.
Error "The value provided for quantity is not valid. Quantity must be a number without any text.""The product price field must be a number, but it is 1.5"
I'm getting an error that the email field is invalid before loading the Stripe Checkout page.Unknown error code: email_invalid.
Error "Not a valid URL"