You would prefill filter fields for a linked records field in the same way you would prefill a field on the form.


Calculated fields

Fields like formula, lookup, rollup, count, etc. are not supported.

Nested linked fields

If you have a linked record field with filters on your form, you can prefill those filters with most field types except if the filter field itself is also a linked record field (a linked record field that filters another linked record field).

Pop-up modal

If you choose to show the filter fields in a popup, then prefilling them is not supported. If you would like to prefill them, you'd need to either select the option to show the filter fields as part of the form or to be hidden. You can find the settings by clicking on a linked records field and going to Filtering & Sorting Records.

⚠️ When you try to filter linked fields, you should be prefilling the filter. Which should be a field other than the linked records field itself.


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