This option has to be set manually in the linked records field settings on miniExtensions to limit it to only accepting a single record. You can find it by going to:

  1. Linked field settings

  2. Record Finder Options

  3. Allow selecting multiple records


If your field settings on Airtable have the "Allow linking to multiple records" option disabled, users will still be able to add multiple linked records on the form even if the field on Airtable is set to only allow a single linked record.

⚠️ Note

When this option is disabled, users cannot select (or create) multiple records. Although this setting might indicate that it only affects "selecting". However, it also affects "creating" multiple records (if enabled).

On the legacy site

Go to:

  1. Form (Edit & Add Records in the portal)

  2. Click on the linked record field

  3. "Selecting Records"

  4. Allow users to select multiple records


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