In the new form on Airtable Marketplace

The same rules that the field has in Airtable, applies to the form as well. So you need to disable "Allow linking to multiple records" in the field settings.

If your linked record field in Airtable has the highlighted option disabled, then the form will only be limited to selecting one linked record for that field.

In the old form on

If you can add several linked records despite the field settings which don't allow multiple linked records in Airtable, that's because this option has to be set manually in the linked records field settings in miniExtensions. You can find the option by going to:

  1. Form (Edit & Add Records in the portal)

  2. Click on the linked record field

  3. "Selecting Records"

  4. Allow users to select multiple records

If this option is not set, users can still assign multiple linked records. Although the field is defined on Airtable to only allow a single linked record. Ideally, we would like to be able to automatically set this based on the option that you have already set in Airtable, but it's not possible to detect it automatically from Airtable API unfortunately.


Although this setting might indicate that it only affects "selecting". However, it also affects "adding" multiple records (if enabled).


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