How to schedule an extension to run regularly?

How often does it run? How to trigger it without having to run it manually? How to use Webhook?

Updated over a week ago

The bulk processor extension would only run if it was triggered in some way. There are different ways to run bulk processor extensions:

1. Inside miniExtensions: Manually by clicking the "run" button on our website.

2. Outside miniExtensions:

  • Trigger it with Airtable Automations (e.g. for any new record).

  • Trigger it by a Webhook. A Webhook is a unique URL for your extension that you call from another app (e.g. Zapier). Every time it’s fired (accessed), it will trigger the extension to run. The extension will run in the same way as if you clicked on the run button on the settings page manually.

  • Schedule it to run regularly. At the moment, it only supports running per hour and per day.


Please note that the extension would skip any record that has the attachment field already filled. It will only go through records that haven't been processed, unless you select the Overwrite option when adding the settings for the bulk extension.


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