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Error "This extension requires upgrading your workspace"
Error "This extension requires upgrading your workspace"

Our link is not accessible on mobile, another computer/different browser, or an incognito window.

Updated over a week ago

You would see this message if you:

Don't have a qualifying plan (most common)

The Free plan is limited to internal testing to check if the extension will satisfy your requirements. To be able to share your extensions with others, you would need to upgrade your plan in your workspace setting.

Not logged into miniExtensions (another reason)

If you're on a limited plan, you'd need first to log into our website on your device, and then you'll be able to preview the share links. You don't need to have an upgraded plan if you're trying to test miniExtensions on mobile. If you have multiple miniExtensions accounts, make sure you're logged in to the right account. You'll be able to test the extension functions. Once you find it to be a good fit for your project, switch to an upgraded plan.

Other possible errors

This page cannot be accessed publicly with the free plan or You're on a limited free plan.


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