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How can I disable/enable creating or editing records on the form?
How can I disable/enable creating or editing records on the form?
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⚠️ Note

This option is only available if the form login feature is disabled.

Here's a quick description of how these options work when configured in each way:

Create records only

Users are only allowed to create new records, but can't edit/access existing records.

Edit/view existing records only

Allow users to edit records without the ability to create new ones.

Disable the form temporarily

This will prevent users from being able to load the form so that nobody can use it. It's an alternative option instead of deleting the form completely.

Conditional disabling of form

There are scenarios where disabling the form might not be suitable for all situations. You can opt to utilize any of these toggles that align with your specific use case.

⚠️ Heads up

If you disable Creating Records, you won't be able to open the form's main URL to create records. E.g.

You would only be able to access the URL when it has a record ID appended. E.g.

You can generate these URLs by using the formula available in the form settings. It produces a different URL for every record in your table.


If you would like your users to look up records, you would need to enable the login screen option. Regardless of its name, that option would allow your users to search for records and edit them.

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