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What is the limit on the bulk processor extensions?
What is the limit on the bulk processor extensions?
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There is a 10 minutes time limit for every run. This normally is enough to process thousands of records (depending on which extension). This limit does not necessarily mean that you cannot run the extension again. You can run the extension again if there are more records to be processed.

Our Pro plan has a limit of 20 hours of total run-time per day. All other plans are limited to 5 hours per day. This limit resets every day at 12AM UTC.

Plan limitation

Some plans have limits on how many records can be processed per month. You can check our pricing page for more details. On the other hand, our Pro plan lets you process unlimited records.

API limitation

Please note there might be limitations by the third-party integrations.

Effected extensions

This limit is only applicable for bulk extensions that update records in Airtable. So the following bulk extensions are not affected by the run-time limit:

  • Bulk download attachment

  • CSV exporter


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