How to remove a record in the portal?

Portal user created a record in the portal and now wants it to be removed

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The portal permits users to create entries in the table. However, if a user wishes to remove a record from their list within the portal, various configurations are available, depending on the desired outcome.

1. Deleting the record

You have the option to permit users to remove the record within the child form.

This is advisable when each connected record is exclusively associated with a single user. For instance, each linked record represents an order that the user personally created.

2. Unlinking the record

This is applicable when you wish to retain the linked record in the table but only want to sever the connection between the user and the linked record. There are 2 ways to do it:

a. Contact Admin. Portal users can contact and request an admin to remove the connection in Airtable or a separate portal for the admin.

b. Utilize the User Profile. You have the option to include the linked record field within the User Profile, allowing users to disconnect themselves from a specific record. To enable this, the Record Finder should be accessible but don't worry. You can configure it to display only those records associated with the user and add a filter if you need to limit it more.

This is advisable when each connected record can be connected to multiple users. For example, each linked record represents an even that many users can sign up to.

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