How to rename a table?

I want to change the title of a tab on the portal.

Updated over a week ago

There are two methods for renaming a table within the portal:

1. By changing the name of the table in Airtable

To rename a table in the portal, modify the corresponding linked field name in Airtable. Go to the Airtable table linked to the portal and find the linked field you wish to rename. After you've updated the name, the change will automatically appear in MiniExtensions.

2. By adding a custom name in the extension settings.

To add a custom name, you need to go to the:

  1. Portal Tables.

  2. Click on the table that you wish to rename.

  3. Click on the Standard Options.

  4. Enter a value in the Title field.

The name in the menu for the linked records fields that was just changed in the extension settings page is shown based on the title filled

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