How does Compute Mode work?
I want to require users to review their answers before submission. I need to minimize mistakes and human errors.
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This feature basically allows you to create a record and immediately start editing that record. Plus, a final approval step to confirm the submission.

If you need to force a step to let users see what they've entered, prompt them to confirm, and re-edit the fields before they submit the form, then you can use the function "Compute Mode". If you enable it, you would be able to show formulas in the form before the records get submitted. Users would need to click "Review" first, see a formula or message, and then they would be allowed to click "Confirm".


If you would like to prevent users from being able to submit the form if their record is invalid, you can do so by using a feature called Disable Form.

⚠️ Note

Required fields and field validations do not stop compute mode from proceeding and are bypassed when clicking Compute button. It creates/updates a record in Airtable but it is not the final save.

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