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Error "Could not find what you are looking for"
Error "Could not find what you are looking for"

Some reasons why you would get this error

Updated over a week ago

A. If you're accessing a form URL

  1. You have added the form editing formula to the wrong table. miniExtensions forms can only edit/add records in the table that it was set up for. Therefore you could be trying to edit a record that doesn't exist in that form's table.

  2. The record that you're trying to edit has been deleted from Airtable.

  3. You have a typo in your URL. Make sure it's correct.

B. If you're clicking run to process records

You would get this error if you are selecting a base that does not exist anymore. Make sure that you are selecting the correct base from the extension settings. Most likely you have multiple bases with the same name and you are selecting the wrong one.

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