How does the add-only mode work?
I want to allow users to create new records, but not see their previously submitted records.
Updated over a week ago

By default, when updating a record, existing data in the field are visible and can be edited. This feature allows you to prevent users from seeing existing data (cell values will be hidden and the field always starts empty) but at the same time, new values are still allowed to be added.

💡Supported fields

This option is available for some field types. Linked records, long text, & attachments. To find it go to

  1. The field settings

  2. Record Finder Options (for linked fields)

  3. Add-only mode.

Use case example

Allowing employees to add new notes/comments to a record without being to able to edit the existing notes.

On the legacy site

  1. Open a linked records field setting.

  2. Selecting records (for linked records).

  3. Disable: Allow users to select records from the linked table.


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