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How to password-protect my form or portal?
How to password-protect my form or portal?
Updated over a week ago

There are 2 ways to add passwords to the extension:

1. Lock the entire form

This password option is for protecting the entire form or portal completely and preventing anyone who's unauthorized from accessing the extension or its login page. This password option is not meant to be customized for individual users. It's unrelated to the login page and always available regardless of whether the login feature is enabled or not.

You can find this setting in:

  1. Security section

  2. Extension Password

  3. Click on Enable Password Protection button


This option is useful if you want to block access to users who no longer work in your team by flipping a switch. If you enable the password option, then users are required to enter the new password whenever it's updated.

2. Add a password field to the login page

If you would like your form users to use different passwords to log in, you would need to add a new "password" field in Airtable. Then add that field to your login page.

⚠️ Note

We discourage the use of the word "password" here since it might imply that it's encrypted. We recommend using "Pin".

⚠️ Note

We don't store/host your Airtable data on our server. Your data only lives in Airtable. And it's not going to be indexed by Google.


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