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Bulk Download Attachments from Airtable
How to auto-sort the bulk downloaded attachments by folders?
How to auto-sort the bulk downloaded attachments by folders?

I want documents to be downloaded as folders pertaining to each category they are organized in Airtable and separate the files into groups.

Updated over a week ago

Rather than having many documents go to one folder and having to sort through them to determine their content, you can download them by category. For example, Development, Engineering, etc. This is possible by using the Filename field feature (with a trick). Here's how:

1. Add a text field in Airtable (or formula) to rename your files after. Prefix the file names with a folder name followed by a forward slash "/". E.g. "Folder1/record1" and "Folder1/record2" etc.


If your table already has a field for "Category" you can use it to create the folder-generating formula. It would be something like this:

2. Select the field for the Filename option.

3. Download the files and the "/" characters will be automatically converted to different folders.


The folders don't need to be created beforehand. They'll be generated automatically.


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